My drone footage can be seen in each of the following videos with the exception of "Hittin' Utah" which was my GoPro shot and "Westlake Filter Plant" which is behind the scenes footage of me flying.

You can also see my stock footage for sale at Pond5.

My aerial footage can be found in the beginning and at the one minute mark. For Sotheby's International in Beverly Hills, CA.


All of these (very brief) shots were peppered throughout Season 8 of Little Women: LA. Locations include Cancun, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Tulum and Mountain High.

Thanks to Cabu for use of his song Ipanema from The Beat Tape 3.

My drone footage can be found at the 1:18 mark.
For Oasis Church in Los Angeles.

My aerial footage of the new Long Beach Civic Center can be found throughout this video.

Produced and Directed by Mark Austin Heim.


You can see my drone footage at the 00:15 and 00:38 marks.

You can see my drone footage at the 00:35 mark.



Fox 11 featured my drone footage throughout their story on the Eric Owen Moss designed Wrapper building in Los Angeles.